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#bluebird chilling with the #parenttrap #campers. #yosemite #camping #outdoors #campcurry #thingsthatmakemehappy #outside #latergram

#bluebird chilling with the #parenttrap #campers. #yosemite #camping #outdoors #campcurry #thingsthatmakemehappy #outside #latergram

#heelclick at #Yosemite. #camping #california #outdoors #mountains #spring #nature #thingsthatmakemehappy

#heelclick at #Yosemite. #camping #california #outdoors #mountains #spring #nature #thingsthatmakemehappy


Realistic New Year’s Resolution

#westoakland #missingwheels #help

#westoakland #missingwheels #help

When someone thinks “no” is somehow code for “if you creepily keep asking, it will become yes”



Seriously. No means no, regardless of the state of undress.



I want this.

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Bucket List


1. Yarn Bomb something

2. Get a tattoo

3. Nose piercing- tasteful stud

4. Spin-class

5. Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco- since I live here I should probably take care of that

6. Go to Grad School

7. Wine tasting in California- taking care of that this weekend

8. $2500 emergency fund- working on it

9. Write myself a letter and read it ten years later- I’ll do it on the 19th so I can read it the day after I turn 40

10. Own a house

11. Buy a stranger dinner

12. Live in a foreign country

13. Attend a masquerade ball

14. Fall in love and get married

15. Pay off my student loans

16. Fly first class

17. Kiss under the mistletoe

18. Learn to dance, ballroom, swing, whatever

19. Have children (or be a Kickass aunt)

20. Go on an archaeological dig

21. Roadtrip Across America

22. See the Northern Lights

23. Get Engaged

24. Visit a castle

25. Learn more about my family tree

26. Stay in a Treehouse hotel

27. Walk on the Great Wall of China

28. Learn a new language

29. Dance with my Dad at my wedding

30. Ride a mattress down a staircase

31. Learn how to crack an egg with one hand

32. Give a touching inspirational speech

33. Dye my hair pink

34. See the Grand Canyon

35. Visit all 7 continents

36. Drop water balloons from a tall building

37. Read 30 books in one year

38. Send a message in a bottle

39. Skinny dipping

40. Have a job that I love

41. Attend the Olympics

42. Meet Paul Rudd

43. Get out of debt

44. Have a paint fight

45. Be in two places at once

46. See the Sistine Chapel

47. Age gracefully

48. Inspire someone

49. Do the things that scare me/take more risks in general

50. Learn to really forgive myself and others



What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid

Everything. I would do everything within in reason. As long as it didn’t risk my life or another life, as longs as it didn’t intentionally hurt me or someone else.

 What I have done the most this year is accomplish things alone. I have signed my own lease, gone to dinner, movies and music festivals by myself and worked on getting used to not feeling lonely in a crowd. This year I moved out on my own, had some self-destructive moments, dated someone wonderful (oh those May, December romances), applied and got my dream job, moved across the country and was able to reinvent myself somewhere new. These things are monumental; these are things that over a year ago I would have never imagined myself doing.

 Today I went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass on my own. I woke up kinda tired and in the past the lethargic feeling coupled with the fact that I was most likely going to be attending an event solo would have been enough to cause me to stay home. BUT, I really wanted to go, my Dad is a huge proponent of the philosophy “what would you do if you weren’t afraid” and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put this into play.  Normally I would have asked around and tried to coordinate going with someone else, then if there were no takers I might have just scratched going all together… I didn’t do that, I went by myself to a part of the city I had never been to surround myself with strangers and listen to some amazing music.

 Festival shows while amazing when you share the experience with others are AWESOME solo. You can flit about and see the music YOU want, want to get close to the stage? It’s easy when it is just you and it’s standing room only. A friend of mine was working at one of the vendors so I stopped by said hello and then went on my merry way. I interacted with total strangers connected through our similar music tastes and joking about our surroundings. One very nice group even offered me a beer.

 The decisions I made were my own, what artists did I want to cross off my bucket list? Who would I regret not seeing, what stages had the feeling I was going for, what did I want to experience?

 I saw Billy Bragg, Ralph Stanley, and Emmylou Harris, three artists that had been on my bucket list.  What an amazingly beautiful Sunday adventure.







I want them all

I want them all


[T]he process of ascertaining which of the thousands of skeletons belonged to a martyr was a nebulous one. If they found “M.” engraved next to a corpse, they took it to stand for “martyr,” ignoring the fact that the initial could also stand for “Marcus,” one of the most popular names in ancient Rome. If any vials of dehydrated sediment turned up with the bones, they assumed it must be a martyr’s blood rather than perfume, which the Romans often left on graves in the way we leave flowers today. The Church also believed that the bones of martyrs cast off a golden glow and a faintly sweet smell, and teams of psychics would journey through the corporeal tunnels, slip into a trance and point out skeletons from which they perceived a telling aura. After identifying a skeleton as holy, the Vatican then decided who was who and issued the title of martyr.”

Paul Koudounaris documenting how the bones of Christian martyrs were transformed into bejeweled relics and displayed in European churches in Heavenly Bodies.

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What started as the worst year has become one of the better ones.

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